How do I stop Facebook from using my photos? – How To Make Money Selling Photos Of Yourself

Before the rise of Facebook, when I wanted to post a picture of my son’s face, I would email it to myself. After sending it, I opened it up in an app that would take a look at where I’d set my camera, adjust for the background, and save the final image. I’d hit send without even opening the image.

I could have saved the photo in the app and then saved it back, and it wouldn’t have been saved on my computer and then sent to Facebook.

A friend of mine was just getting into the same routine.

He had a Facebook page with photos he’d uploaded to before he changed his photo license plate to display an “S,” a trademark. The photos included of family members including his wife and three of his children, and his daughter and grandchildren. His children appeared in each photo as if the pictures were taken with their own camera.

To stop Facebook from saving his page, he needed to update his license plate to an “S” license plate, which meant changing from the black and orange license plate displayed on his car, to his current plate with a black sticker “S” in white letters.

“I don’t know what happened to my license plate and I don’t know what Facebook does with it,” his friend said.

The problem seems to have been resolved for now, though his page is still listed by Facebook and still displays an image of his new car. Facebook also lists the contact information for the person he’s complaining about. It is not listed in his account.

The person who contacted me said she was in the same situation. She was concerned he didn’t know what was going on.

“I have a family and I think it’s nice to have a social media presence that allows people to get to know you,” the person wrote.

Facebook is allowing me to add a friend in his name. However, I am not able to add them to my public profile. — Kaitlin Anderson (@KaitlinKAnderson) May 23, 2015

Why does Facebook continue to use my images despite my complaints? — Kaitlin Anderson (@KaitlinKAnderson) May 23, 2015

I asked Facebook.

“We use some of your photos to help protect our community and the people who use our service. We will delete your photos, but this is to prevent anyone from profiting off this activity.”

She said that her license plate had been

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