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It is very simple to edit the image, but if you make a long edit, it may be best to use your editing program to merge the changes. Be sure you know your computer’s settings and save the image. The photo will be easier to edit when it is merged.

Photo editors are often available for free online, but for more advanced users, there are software packages such as Lightroom, LightZone or Adobe Photoshop Elements for Mac available. A simple computer program is also a good alternative to Photoshop, which can include filters, special effects, etc. But you do need to know your computer’s settings to edit photos smoothly.
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My computer and operating system are not compatible. How can I edit my Photo and video files?

Since Windows 7 comes pre-installed with most photo editors, you will not need to download them for editing photos, videos or other kinds of media or multimedia files. However, on the Mac, it is easiest to use PhotoPaint and its equivalents, which include filters for most photo formats, as well as the other tools for managing or creating images.

The OS X 10.7 Lion is not supported, however, PhotoPaint works in Lion and later.

Why do the images appear to move around when I delete one as it was “resized”?

In PhotoPaint the image size stays the same regardless how many images have been “resized” before a photo is “deleted”. So there is no need to delete all images before changing their size. If you resize multiple files at the same time, however, the original size won’t be adjusted.

To keep the most accurate color on an already-edited photo, it is recommended to use a color profile that matches the image. It is possible to use a profile that is designed to be “best” for particular images, such as the “AppleRGB” software. This helps when editing files based on a particular application and can help avoid color mixing. Adobe RGB should also be used.

What color does photo editing do that is not done in Photoshop?

You can quickly see and adjust color using Photosynth. Some of the more advanced tools such as the “Color Bender” can adjust color using other images’ colors (as in the picture above).

In the photo on the right, I’ve adjusted the “pink” and “yellow” tones to different levels based on the tones of the sky. It was done mostly from the yellow sky

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