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There are many legal issues that need to be resolved with Facebook, such as content restrictions, the sharing of personal information, and protecting children. For example, we can’t allow the use of the photographs on Facebook for commercial purposes or for commercial gain for a certain period of time.

How can I help Facebook?

We encourage Facebook members to create a public Facebook account with friends who follow and want to add their photos and share them with friends, and to join a professional networking group. This enables photo-sharing with others and helps members to learn more about the photographers and get advice on how they can get better quality photos and for more useful information.

Where can I get advice?

If you are the owner, manager, or in charge of another person’s photographic business, and think your photographs may be subject to a copyright claim, we encourage you to contact a copyright attorney. They may be able to help if a copyright claim is made by someone seeking to take photos, for example a client challenging the photographer in a small business or family business.

What legal action can we take?

The best protection for your business photographs is the knowledge that you’re in full control of the content of your photographs. You should take all reasonable steps to limit the use of your photographs to a limited number of clients and use them only for their intended purpose, whether that be creating marketing materials or educational materials.

Contact a Copyright Law Firm

You may be eligible to get a formal written copyright assignment, and if so, a copyright infringement complaint can be filed. Learn about your rights and the process of filing a copyright infringement complaint in the United States.

For photographers, if you’ve lost an infringement report, then you may be able to get a new report filed in your court.

If you need professional legal help then the best place to find a lawyer in your area is your local law office, but be sure to research other attorneys you may see there, particularly in your state. Even if your local attorney won’t accept your case, there are a variety of web sites that have lawyers who will take on your copyright infringement claims. You may use them to see if you might have good experience with your own case.

What types of copyright infringement actions we’re likely to pursue are copyright infringement claims for the following activities:

Distribution of an image that has been photographed without the photographer’s consent;

Photographs that include a person who has not consented to the

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