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A watermark is a digital file that you can use to give credit for a picture on the Web site you upload your photo to. Most web sites have tools to turn a picture into their own HTML image without watermarking, so you can easily change it to other photo formats, upload your file to Dropbox, and continue using it offline.

A watermark isn’t the same as a copyright message. Watermarks provide you credit in order for others to see what you’ve posted on the Web page and know how to access it.

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We’re all familiar with the image of your average New York City subway train with the train cars piled up on top of one another, or in other cases, the trains of an airplane that have been rolled back together and are stuck down for maintenance.

But what about the trains at a major rail depot with the cars stuck underneath them? That is not so nice either, but if you had $300 million dollars, you could build four trains in a single span without losing money, and then you could have a train of any size right on top of one another. That’s the idea behind a project being developed by MIT.


Meet the ‘SuperTram’

The project is the result of a collaboration between MIT’s Transportation Research Board (TRB) and the Department of Defense; MIT Engineering & Applied Sciences (SEAS) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

The goal of the project is to create a system that lets you train multiple trains in one space at the same time. Using existing track of various lengths and types, the trains would be able to make multiple runs per year. These runs would be made together, which would improve the performance of the system.


“We see an opportunity to provide reliable rapid transit service to remote regions by providing service on trains connected to existing rail lines and at sites where there are no existing rail lines,” says Dr. John Auerbach, professor, Electrical Engineering, MIT, who co-led the project along with Dr. Eric J. Lander, associate professor, Mechanical Engineering, MIT.


The researchers were able to combine different types of technology to create a system that is much more reliable, reliable enough to be taken out of service quickly if something goes wrong, and has the capacity to handle the massive amounts of people who would use the system. The combination of the technology and a dedicated crew meant they could

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