Who is the little girl in Matrix Revolutions? – Magic Trickstroom Troom

What if it turns out it’s not just a little girl, but she is the hero?

What if she actually has a plan?

“I need your help!”
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“Yes I can help you, I can help you, but you have to be sure you want to take the risk.”

The hero is so excited he falls to the ground. She puts her hands in his robes, and shakes him.

[Mama] She says, “You can be my son!”

[Mom] She says, “Be my son! What do you need? I can do anything you want.”

“No Mama I’m just looking for a fight.”

“Oh you’ve been to the theater before…you know you can fight. I’ll make you a suit…what else do you want?”

[Mama] She says, [Mom], “Oh please, make this suit for me, make it to my door in three days.”

[Dad] Mom says, [Mama], “I know he’s a kid so make no mistake. I’m doing this for him.”

[Bubbles] Mom says, “The whole world loves you!”

[Kelso] Mom says, “I love you, too!”

“What the hell?! Mom, the whole theater loves you!”

“Mom, there’s a big audience there! We can’t let people see you.”

“No. No I won’t. No I won’t!”

“Then let’s get you out of this thing.”


“Look, it is the only thing we can do.”

“What do you call me?”


“Do you believe in god?” “Do you believe in me?!” “I will make you a sandwich for you to help you sleep.”

“Mama!” She yells. “We have to get the ball rolling!”

“What’s happening, mom?!”

“We have to kill the Matrix in 24 hours. We get to go on stage now.”

“Mom are you sure it’s safe?”

“I know, we have a plan.”

“You’re with me!” She shouts.

At the time I couldn’t hear it, but it sounded like she was saying “No,” “I don’t believe in God.” “You can’t

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