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You can read more about this from the wiki, or have a look at a few of the links in this post.

In this way you can have a graph with different links, some of which are good and some of which aren’t. Link matrixes provide us the ability to display multiple images at the same time on a screen, or to have various images on a single bar.

There are several types of link matrices. I’ll be using the one above to show how to display a graph like this on a single screen:

When using the matrices below I want you to remember that they are very powerful, simple, and can be a powerful way to visualize complex data.

You should also be aware of a couple of things.

First: this is probably best you work with some sort of reference to a matrix before you start working on a graph. Try a couple of test projects first, or to get a feel for how it works, and when you’re done with one, you can switch to the graph.

Second: the images that make up the links in the above graph have a very high resolution. They’re probably closer to 8×8 than 10×10 so I wouldn’t worry if they’re a bit pixelated. Once you’ve worked it over a while you can usually get the quality right.

Finally, it’s worth repeating: link matrices are complex data. Even if you’ve worked with them before, and you’re familiar with how they fit together, you should still be aware of how they differ from a simple set of variables. It’s easy to get caught up in understanding every facet of the data that makes up each graph, but that can make your job quite hard. When working with more complex data I think this approach to understanding it is very important.

In this post, I’ve chosen an interesting set of linked graph data to show you how to create them, why they’re interesting to look at, and the problems I think they can cause.

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