Who is the best magician in the world? – Easy Magic Tricks With Household Items

If you ask someone else, you’ll get a different answer than if you ask yourself that question. Most people assume it’s Michael Jackson, but it wasn’t, not until you ask, “What are some other guys I want to go to?” If I was going to be the greatest magician of all time, I’d probably go to my first class, then my second, and then, ideally, to a master level, like Mike Krieger.

What’s magic like when you get to the top?

There is no magic. You get there by doing the most amazing tricks. If people see me, there is always a magic to my actions. I’m a hustler. I’m always hustling. I don’t need that much money. This job is about the same as anything else. It’s a dream. For a few hours every day, you get to be amazed. Your imagination will always run wild with wonder, and you’ll go home and think to yourself, “Now I do what I dreamed of doing.”

What do you do every now and then outside of the show that isn’t Magic?

I’m an active person. I am passionate about food, but we do not have any restaurants that have our product in mind. I’m also an avid swimmer and a fitness freak [laughs].
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I’m very much a part of this neighborhood. My girlfriend and I have two kids in an apartment in Santa Monica and one daughter, 6, and I live next door [to the Magic City Magic School]. I do a lot of my work at my car repair shop, too.

How are you able to be a parent?

That’s very unique. I’ve never seen a father of children play a role in the show, or a sister of sons in Magic. We have a wonderful daughter. The magic of having children in a magic setting can be different than in the world outside the school. In other settings, parents have to be parents all the time. They have to be a part of all stages of the show. Here, their role is to make sure that the kids have fun, but they never have to be there — they have to come along when the kids need a break. Because kids want to be there. If they’re too old, they can go home.

It feels different because the kids are so young. A lot of the magic can happen very quickly. The students never grow up like you’ll be able to when

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