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The idea of mind reading is the ability to read the mind of another person even when it’s not a physical event. By reading another person’s mind, we make educated guesses about his actions or attitudes. Often, these guesses are accurate but sometimes they don’t and it’s hard to know whether a person believes he’s being read.

Mind reading can be done in three ways:
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By looking at someone’s eyes. This is when looking at someone’s eyes causes an altered perception of who that person is. It is easy to make a connection between the person’s eyes and his or her face but not when looking at their face alone. When looking at the eyes alone, you have to take into account the movement of a person’s face that’s being followed. For example, if a person is wearing an eye mask and is watching someone else and their eyes meet, then you may be able to infer that the person is watching them. By scanning the person’s face. This is when a person’s gaze is focused onto the same area of the face that the person is trying to look at. It is hard to tell if a person is focusing his or her gaze towards a particular area because of the difference between what’s shown through the glasses and the actual physical structure of a person’s physical body. In most situations, having focused on just the area of the face you see is a more accurate reading. By seeing faces. Looking at people in the same situation can provide accurate mental readings of their thoughts and intentions. It is possible to use this method with a person and make educated guesses about their intentions. The easiest way to do this is by talking to the person you are hoping to read. This is because it is a lot easier to talk to someone in a normal conversation than it is to talk to someone in a staring contest in an elevator. By looking at the face. Sometimes, by looking at the eyes they have, you can be sure a person is thinking of what you think he or she should be thinking. This is when people talk about what they are reading about. By reading the eyes alone. You can read the eyes without having to make a mental connection between the eyes. You can do this by looking at a person’s eyes but you don’t have to use your nose. As long as you’re looking at the same area of the person’s face that your eyes are located, and not at any part of the person’s face, then it’s difficult to make any sense out of what’s being said

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