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[Note: this is a quote from a page of the book by Harry James Black, A True Story of the Magic, the Gods and the Magician, published by Viking Press, New York.]

When the Lord came upon the people, it was as though he had been borne up by them. He was standing at the door in golden, silvered robe, his eyes shining like silver stars. As they looked upon him, they were filled with a strange awe, and his face, so pure in white, radiated a faint radiance from his eyes, the same effect upon all that entered, but upon each a stranger. There seemed to be some sort of spirit, an illusion. I saw a great white cloud, the size of an orchard, rise from the door. It was a great golden cloud, and it floated on the wind with a strange majesty. It looked like a cloud had arisen and was floating down a stone street. It was so great that it was like some great, magnificent dragon that was in flight. For some time I was unable to remember what I saw. Then suddenly it burst into flame and came forth to us all in that wonderful form. It had wings, and it did not fly, nor did it stop, nor did I know why it suddenly seemed to me to be a child’s wing. It seemed so great that I was afraid to touch it, and I said to myself, “I wonder what it is?” There was a great sound, the sound of a great man laughing. I thought I might die. The cloud that had come to us was only a light cloud, but it seemed to me that it seemed to rise up out of the earth and were like white clouds made to fly, and that one could look in them and see the white sun of heaven upon the land of the living.

It has been estimated that about 5 million people saw the Lord.

The Lord’s words

The Lord did not say these miracles in anger, or in a wrathful voice, as he would have had his adversaries hear them, but in his own voice, so that every one might hear and believe without saying one word contrary to his word.

For his purpose these words are the greatest of all his promises: The Lord said unto me, Thou shalt do no great or marvelous thing, but thou shalt do only a little thing; Thou shalt do no great and marvelous things, but thou shalt do them only a little; And

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