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When I started playing, it was just going up to the roof at the Magic Kingdom and shooting fireworks out of its side. We did a series of illusions at the Disney World resort and the idea was to try out the illusioner and see how much you could do. I remember looking up at the tower and just thinking: “I can do that”.

Do you still keep up with current technology and how important is technology to what you do? If so, how much can technological progress have on the magic tricks?

You can learn how different things work and work on them. You use these tricks in your show to get viewers more comfortable and understand what it is you’re pulling off.

You’ve been to Disneyland, so you’ve gotten to perform a number of magic tricks. What about your other favourites?

I still go to Walt Disney World every year. I can get a lot of inspiration as I’m at a hotel. I can read my magazines when I’m there and I can learn new tricks.

If you had to spend two more years to reach the stage in your magic shows, what would it take to continue the magic?

I think my shows are too hard, for me as a performer. I think I would need to learn to relax more because I’m always chasing my high and trying to achieve certain levels for a show, but it’s not really fun. I just don’t enjoy performing.

I’ve learnt from your show that you can’t always get through a show without performing a feat. Do you always try to make sure you do at least one?

You never say never to anything. I’ve always performed, no matter how big or small, so we always have our show. You never know what’ll happen next. Some shows will fall apart, some will work and some won’t.

And I do wish you were still around. I was so jealous you were doing so many shows.

Thank you very much. I’m really glad you appreciated all my shows.

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