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Levitation Magic Trick: Your magic is much better in the air compared to what you would do if the body was on the ground. The reason is that your magic is faster when you are flying. (Taken from Wikipedia)

What does it take for levitation to work

It takes many things (in simple words) to make levitation work. This can be explained in any way you like so you can decide if it is worth your time to try levitation magic trick for yourself.

Fluid Motion

A liquid in motion. The liquid moving is air. So there is no body.

The amount of air that moves around on the earth is equal to the volume of the air around it. Air, being a liquid (liquid at the atomic level), can flow around even when it is not at rest. So a small amount of air can move a large amount of water. This is a phenomenon known as aerodynamic lift. (Wikipedia)

Water moving on top of a lake

The way water behaves under certain conditions, as explained in other articles, can cause it to levitate along with air in the air. For more details, see water’s role in the electromagnetic spectrum.

Magnetic Fields

To work, a magnetic field has to be present as a boundary condition in the fluid, like water on a lake

A magnetic field has to be present in a boundary condition because water (or air) is not a liquid. There is no other reason. This is why water does not flow towards a magnet and the magnet in a field does not float.

A magnetic field can also be a force field if there is a permanent source (like a pole) to the boundary. Also for a permanent source (like some magnets) the field has to be in contact with the surface it is in contact with and not just the magnet. This is why, in a magnetic field, water will move towards a magnet. Water is like a magnet with a permanent source located between the water and the magnet. There is no water/air boundary condition that does not have a source of magnetism that is present in this region and there is no magnetism that is not in contact with the water’s surface. Water is a magnet, and so any magnetism is inside the water!

Water moving toward a magnet

This is how the boundary condition of water would look like – as shown. Note that the magnet is a little higher than the

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