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“It’s one finger.”

— J.W. Lippold (1892)

Do you feel what it would feel like to be caught in a hurricane?

“I feel the wind of the storm”

What do you do when your mother calls you late at night and you’re busy watching reruns of Seinfeld and wondering how long you’ll be able to remain awake?
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“I make coffee”

Who are you and what do you really care about?

“My brother”

This summer, we got a call from a gentleman who wanted to buy a new piece of hardware. He had a couple of old pieces in good shape, but he hadn’t had enough time to use them or have a nice time with them…so, he wanted to see if we could get you a new one, because he believed that it would be a great purchase for him!…

Well, I did not feel confident buying him an appliance, so I suggested something else. The gentleman said, “How about an antique car?”

Sure. But the car was worth so much more than the appliance, did you think I’d be more gullible?…

If not, then you were never interested in buying a car for anything, were you?

No one is interested in a car that would break down, so I went shopping a block away!…

The gentleman explained to me that the car would cost $10,000. What did he charge for it? I said, “What can you sell it for?”

“If you buy the car.”

So, you saw how much someone likes (a car) so you figured he’s buying one. Would you buy him the car? Of course not!…

However, this gentleman was quite intrigued by a second (and perhaps larger) piece of antique hardware that he owned. He agreed to buy it for what we think was a good price! I explained that the antique was a car!… So, what was the price of the car and the antique (car).? He estimated the antique at $20,000. How, then, do we figure that someone would be willing to spend $10,000 for a car that was worth almost twice that?

It’s a good question!…

So, you buy that antique and immediately the gentleman is asking, “When? What’s your appointment?

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