How do you bend a penny? – Simple Magic Tricks With Paper

When buying a penny at a vending machine, it’s a good idea to hold it over the screen, making it harder to drop. If there are multiple cents in a machine, there might already be six pennies (with the last one) set in the slot. If there isn’t, there should only be one penny in the machine.

How many dollars can a penny weigh?

A penny (or other currency) can also weigh up to four pounds when weighed in pounds.

How much is one ounce?

One-ounce is exactly one-thousandth of a gram. If a one-ounce lump of mercury weighs 500 grams, then it is one-thousandth of a gram.

RALEIGH, N.C. — A North Carolina bill making its way through the legislature would remove protections for gay and transgender people.

“It’s just another tool of discrimination against gay people,” Michael Silverman said on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

Silverman heads the organization Christian Legal Society, which has been fighting for a constitutional amendment in North Carolina that prohibits the state from regulating private property. He is one of a handful of people who have successfully argued that this would mean the end of the right to marry, something LGBT advocates have been fighting for as well.

In the past week, a number of other states have introduced similar bills, some of which have passed in recent days.

While some say this is just another step towards the end of this amendment, Silverman fears it could be just the beginning.

“The question is that this is one piece of legislation, and it’s just more rhetoric over a whole slew of bills that are trying to target LGBT people in our state,” he said.

The Associated Press reports that a number of gay-rights organizations and local activists are concerned the bill will be bad for business.

Sen. Phil Berger, a Democrat from the city of Greensboro, said he will try to keep it from being voted on this session, and hopes this will be a catalyst for an amendment for marriage equality next session.

“Maybe it would be an opportunity to have folks come together and make sure that our country continues with a good, civil, orderly debate about the issue,” he said. “The country needs to focus on the real issue — which is how to make sure all citizens have the rights that is fundamental to who we are.”

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