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What about cash receipts? They might be used only to make changes to the customer’s account at the bank, and then they may not be retained.

“This is a very big challenge and the money is still not flowing,” said Daniel P. Mousseau, a spokesman for JPMorgan Chase & Co., which is the biggest U.S. bank by assets. “If you keep your cash for the full day it will be gone.”

People and credit card companies face the same dilemma while buying things such as gasoline.
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One way to keep your cash in the bank is to hold your receipts in a separate room from your bank account, so when your credit cards are used at ATMs, you can keep your ATM receipt in a safe place.

Mousseau said banks routinely send out coupons to people with large balances who can’t get their money without it, but it’s a lengthy process. “When they deliver to customers, banks ask for this receipt. So we are asking people to sign a statement at the bank and get the receipt,” he said.

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Some banks say that they aren’t prepared for the challenge of the shortage of cash and have begun pushing people to use credit cards instead. But in a sign of how hard it is to find customers willing to do that, Bank of America Corp. is asking customers to use a different form of identification to make credit card transactions.

“What people are seeing from this shortage is people trying to get around this problem,” said Alan B. Miller, chief economist at the U.S. Consumer Federation, which represents merchants and consumers. “If you don’t have your hard-earned money to pay your rent, take an Uber,” he added.

Miller said he expected bank withdrawal fees to increase as cash demands rise because people will be more reluctant to make a withdrawal from an account that may contain $100 or even $1,000. In the past, people might make a $100 withdrawal from a savings account but pay $1.

If you’re struggling, don’t despair. A key step to avoiding financial crises is for people to be honest about how much money they have in banks and credit cards and how they might use them or lose them at any time.

While the crisis continues, the U.S. economy is growing at its best pace in three decades, helping to pull consumer confidence to record highs. Still, credit accounts are

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