Which camera is best for video shooting? – Best Aperture Setting For Dslr Video

What about high speed shooting? This is where the real science begins. This is how we get real data about how we can maximize the usefulness of a camcorder, camera and light system. To that end, let’s look at a few real world performance data points.

We begin by looking at a couple of the cameras that we’ve shown you on this site in previous posts.

All videos at the end have been recorded using Canon 5D Mark III video at 4x speed and at 720p resolution with no additional processing on the part of the camera. In order to show you what these cameras can do I have included a comparison of the 5D Mark III and the Canon 5D Mark II in HD at this resolution.

This section of the page will focus purely on the Canon 5D Mark III. This is the camera most of you will probably be using in the near future. If you own a 5D Mark II, then you will need to be aware of the following before continuing:

This chart is based on the 5D Mark III running at 4x. This means that even the faster 5D Mark II will not run down the 5D Mark III speed quite as quick because it has a sensor speed that is too low for the speed that we want to show.
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This chart, which shows the 5D Mark III speed, is at the full 1080p resolution, which will most likely be the resolution that most of you will ever use unless you have more than one camera body for instance. It’s also important to know that this speed is at maximum zoom.

Note that the Canon 5D Mark II will be slower to slow down. This is because it has a higher resolution sensor. As always, read the fine print.

What do you think of these results? Let us know in the forum discussion section below!

Conclusion: Why You Should Choose A Video Camcorder Over A Single Lens Camera

If you are only going to use one camera, then the choice is clear.

But let’s not be naive. It’s not necessarily as simple as that.

I am not going to tell you that all Single Lens Cameras produce an identical video outcome. That said, the evidence is compelling. And if you want to know everything about Single Lens cameras, then you’ve come to the right place!

What I am going to tell you is that Single Lens Camcorders, whether they are “cheap” or “prem

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