How do I record video on my smartphone? – Video Techniques For Shooting

If you’re going to record video, then take great care of your equipment — be sure to protect the quality of the video you want to record. Make sure you have a strong tripod so that you can avoid any kind of damage (especially if you want to record the audio) — and don’t forget the proper protection for your smartphone or even camera if you plan to record it. It’s worth trying out a couple of different mobile recording solutions to see what works best for you.

AUSTIN, Texas – (March 22, 2014) – Texas State football player Matt Davis, the No. 19-rated prospect in the Class of 2013 signed by Texas in his first public signing on Saturday, will not play football next season in college, Austin’s KVUE-TV reported. Davis will play baseball at The University of Texas at Austin. He will sign with the Houston Astros in the 2014-2015 Baseball League Draft.

Davis, a 6-6, 185-pound outfielder, visited Texas State on March 1 and was offered a scholarship in his hometown of Texas; Austin is the home of Texas A&M University.

“I was really happy to visit with the new head coach (Chris) Caputo and head coach Greg Davis,” Davis said, “It was the first time I walked into that whole building for college so I just wanted to get up and down the ramp and meet the whole staff. I was really excited to hear that I was offered there. I’m really excited to be a Longhorn.”

An eighth-round pick by Texas in 2013 out of the University of Virginia, Davis spent the majority of 2013 at Virginia Tech, where he hit .277 with seven home runs and 21 RBIs in 58 games. Davis finished the 2014 campaign at Virginia Tech and was named to the ACC All-Tournament team after he batted .278 with six home runs and 24 RBIs.

Davis had been offered to play shortstop and third base in college.

“We always talked about Matt going to Texas State. We really wanted Matt home,” Caputo said. “Matt was a great defensive player for us playing shortstop for us both on the infield, on the outfield, and really helping us on offense. He’s a good guy to have in our farm system. I think that Texas State is going to benefit from our presence.”

“Matt’s a kid who has a lot of upside,” Caputo added. “He’s been an above-average hitter over the last

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