What is the cheapest camera for filmmaking? – Documentary Film Camera Techniques

$600 I own two Nikon F4S cameras that I use with my 5DIII for daily shooting. A Nikon F4S is a $200 value. When it comes to the latest model, the Nikon F6, I bought it at the same price, but the value of the camera is a lot higher. I’ve come to appreciate this camera for its excellent image quality and light handling. If you are interested, you can find more information at the Nikon F6 camera page.

Do you get many compliments when you are out and about with your camera? Yes – Very often.

No – Not really.

If money can’t buy you happiness, then it won’t, either. I guess we all have those moments when we are happy to see each other, even if we don’t have the money. As long as we can be honest about ourselves and our flaws, we will find a happy place in any situation. I guess you all have moments in your life where you can’t help but smile to yourself. Have a nice day.

What video camera would make your day brighter? A Sony NEX-6D with a manual focus lens. If it doesn’t do that, just upgrade to a higher end one and buy something similar.

What camera would make your day more fun? I used to own an M3S with a zoom lens and I would have fun when shooting with my camera. It’s a wonderful instrument. I used to make video when it wasn’t appropriate for me. My main camera is my Sony NEX-5N which has no zoom. At least it’s still an interesting toy.

What camera should my photographer friends have and be able to afford? If I had the money, I would go from no one to one.

If money can’t buy you happiness, then it won’t, either. Have a nice day.

Ammars: Hey, Ammars-don’t get me started on this one…. But I’m looking forward to this interview–and if you do, you can find all of the info at the photography forums at www.digg.com in the comments, there you will know where to find my photos and videos, and if I’m around, you can find out where you can find me, too.

Best of all, keep shooting!

You’d be a really lucky man if someone would shoot your footage for you…

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