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In the words of J.J. Abrams, the director of these movies, that’s not my problem.

He did make a movie called the Lost Series that was not only a big, great blockbuster, but a big, great lesson to kids. There’s only a few of us and they’re going to try to use us because we’re so young.

What’s your favorite Star Trek movie?

There’s no choice. Star Trek. You can’t go wrong.

Your mom used to watch that show with you sometimes when you were little and I don’t think you knew it was a TV show. Is there a specific thing she would say that was the best Trek episode she saw?

That’s easy. That was “Space Seed.” It was, like, the show that changed her life. It wasn’t like, “Oh, he doesn’t like me.” I knew that was it.

What was the one Trek episode she wasn’t so sure about?

“The City on the Edge of Forever.” “The Enemy Within.”

Do you watch that movie anymore?

No, never do. It’s on DVD so you can watch it in it’s entirety. “You never listen to me when I tell you not to!”

The world’s largest privately owned wind turbine plant has just started powering its owner’s home.

In the US and UK, the largest single utility-scale wind farm is expected to be commissioned by energy company Vestas in 2016. The world’s largest privately owned wind turbine plant has just started powering its owner’s home.

The project is in the UK and Denmark but looks set to power a large number of homes in both countries at the same time.

The Vestas Wind Farm – and the associated project, Vestas Wind Farm – was launched on 20 March 2014.

The UK’s electricity infrastructure had long been an energy black hole but following a string of cost overruns on the large scale wind farms, Vestas decided to enter the UK market.

It will be the largest privately owned building to ever generate its owner’s own electricity.

The first phase of the project was commissioned between September 2013 and December 2014. A second phase of the project in Denmark is planned for 2015.

The combined generating capacity of the UK and Denmark projects will be around 3,000 MW.

The project involves the building of a 300 MW wind turbine tower on the top of the site

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