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Should it be free or do my viewers need to pay for it? My website, in my opinion, is not a free service and this is due to the fact that most of my traffic originates from the United States, which is only 15% of the Internet population.

I do not want to lose the traffic that I receive from the US. This is because I use Google Analytics to analyze my traffic. As a result, Google is tracking my page views in real-time and it would be very surprising if it was not reporting on my revenue from my video. In my opinion, it is wrong if a website (even a blog with no paid traffic and which does not provide advertising) collects this information and uses it with any kind of targeting algorithm in order to track my income from my video. What I want to say is, when I make videos, I am not interested in creating a website or making a video app. I would like to be paid by Google.

What’s the point? Well, there are two main reasons. One, as you know, I don’t create a website for any paid clients or any paid company that I deal with. The other reason is that, while Google Analytics is able to track my clicks and page views, it doesn’t track the income I am paying. The point of paying the revenue to myself, rather than Google, is that Google doesn’t need to know the details about my income. For example, I only pay for the ads in my YouTube video (since the video is not uploaded to my website), and it doesn’t make sense for them to track our video revenue after we upload it to YouTube.

What am I going to do? I’m going to publish a series of articles explaining how much money Google pays me, because it is in my interests to keep my audience informed about our earnings.

For this series I’m going to be using a web scraper that generates a revenue report every time a subscriber buys a Google Adwords Adsense service from AdWords.

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So I downloaded the Google dashboard dashboard for the Adsense program. I wanted to see all the revenue generated by each sale on my website, but I got my data wrong.

In my spreadsheet for that, I created a table of all the products/services on my website and calculated the total revenue from each deal. Then I split my information down to each deal and calculated the difference.

In this spreadsheet, I was not recording my revenue from the ad sales

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