How do you plan a music video shoot? – Documentary Film Camera Techniques

We don’t set up our film shoots in advance. It is a creative process and there are endless options. I’m actually looking for freelance videographers that are creative, that will shoot in our environment for two to five days. This is my dream, we can be the new A&R for this next huge band.

How long do you want it to last?

We have two more days of editing in our budget. The film will be at least six months long. I really want to have a fully completed and presented film finished, by January 2018.

How much are you asking for your videos?

The price is the price. You get the film and you get to create the film you’ve been dreaming about. It’s only one person’s opinion! At this age we haven’t yet reached a level where it’s clear to us if we can afford it all or if we can’t. We can only make the best of what we are given, it takes time and a lot of dedication to create something that is beautiful and authentic. And we feel that to have a video finished that you don’t believe is worth it is unfair to the filmmaker and the person who put it together.

Have you been to your parents’ house before starting it? Do they play guitar?

My parents are awesome! They are great musicians and have been in bands for decades and years! They have a wonderful passion for music and they are always making and sharing new music, albums and singles. My parents are also really into their job as A&R, I am sure that it is amazing and they love it. They just don’t get me too much in the way of video production and they only do it for fun, when we want to see the band live. We really like seeing them, if their guitar playing is any good for us. They are super chill about their work and love making music that they are passionate about. I really like that they don’t get involved in much of the process and it’s very free of the corporate mind.

Do you have anyone else who is a producer or who you could see playing live when you’re in the studio?

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I would love to bring in another musician or musician-in-residence. Another person who is more involved and wants to participate in it and be a part of the process. At the moment we just have a great producer in place and we have a great drummer. We plan to do a lot more of

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