How much does Spotify pay for 1 million streams? – Learn Video Shooting


This is the basic breakdown for the first three months of 2017. In addition to being paid per stream, Spotify also receives a monthly fee from the stream itself. The breakdown goes something like this.

Spotify pays $0.40 for each 1 million streams

Streaming on Spotify is a one-time, subscription-based subscription service that costs $14.99 a month to start. Once subscribers are added to a plan, they also receive a 10% discount off Spotify’s monthly fee, which starts at $9.99 for the most popular plan. This means that you could be paying Spotify a total of $4.42 when it comes to streaming your music.

It’s a great deal for Spotify.

A $14.99 per month subscription

10% discount for each 1 million streams or 12 months from launch

No yearly contracts

No adverts

Flexible pricing

Spotify’s streaming tiers

We have the top tiers of streaming services from Spotify’s streaming tiers, if you are interested in finding the best amount to stream your music, then let’s look at them and their corresponding discounts.

Basic Premium Premium Basic Premium Monthly Price $4.42 $4.42 $14.99

If you subscribe to Spotify Premium for your subscription period, you will see an increase on the amount that you end up paying for streaming. The amount paid in this case is $7.79. If you subscribe for 30 days, you will end up paying around $19.60.

As we mentioned earlier, you pay for the first one million streams over the course of one month.

Once you have subscribed to Spotify Premium for one month, you can add additional subscribers to access the subscription. As of today, you can add up to 10 more users, but there’s no guarantee that you will be able to do so. At the moment, there’s two types of subscription; Spotify Pro (which offers you a more flexible streaming plan) and Spotify Enterprise (which offers you the option to add an unlimited number of users).

The best way to decide what kind of subscription to subscribe to for is to check your monthly fees.

How to add someone to your Spotify account

When you add someone to Spotify account, you’ll be redirected to their profile page. Once you’re there, you can add that individual to your Spotify listening profile and you will be able to start playing their tracks instantly

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