How do I record a video with music playing? – Documentary Film Camera Techniques

There are some apps available that can play the music for you. You can also record the song you want to play using iTunes.

What’s the difference between recording and playing?

You will need an app to do the recording or you can start recording immediately on your phone. Recording should always be done on a quiet setting.

Playback is done in a few different ways: from a connected USB stick or using an iPad or iPhone. The easiest way is to record in silence, and then sync it with an online music player (iTunes, Google Play Store, Pandora, Spotify) and stream the song back. The music will play in the normal way.

If you have Apple Music on your phone, there is no difference between recording and playing: if you go back to the device settings and choose play a track, the song will begin playing on your phone.

What are some tips for listening while recording?

Try to switch the volume between phones to make sure they don’t block each other and you don’t have a distraction.

Is audio quality important when recording?

No, recording or listening to the audio shouldn’t be interrupted. Recording sounds better than playback when you can hear what’s currently playing. The only exception to this rule is when you are trying to get the audio from iTunes to the phone, or if you want to take a quick recording in order to finish one of your tasks. If you want to use an external interface to do this, look at the Recording section for more information on how to do this.

How is the recording process different than a regular recording?

The recording process has two parts: the first is making the audio files and then the second is streaming them to Apple Music, Pandora, or Spotify.

The files that you make can be mp3, m4a, wav, etc. The best quality of audio file will depend on your own ears, but some of the most widely used audio file formats are: mp4, m4a, wav, and ogg.

What is the difference between creating the audio files and recording the audio?

If you like to make the audio files, just pick your desired sound and copy it. The following example will convert your recording files to mp4.

How much do you pay for iCloud recording?

To use iCloud recording, you will need to make an account by paying the $2.33, $3.

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