How do I record music while playing YouTube? – Learn Video Shooting And Production

You have a handful of options:

Use a wireless microphone like the Sennheiser HD 598 or AKG c451x to record music.

Use an audio interface such as the WAV-To-MP3 conversion module of the Sound Forge 3 or the Sound Forge Pro 2.

Use the built-in MP3 player provided on most video players or use a laptop’s built-in recording capabilities.

Use an app such as MP3ToQuick to record YouTube music while you are playing online games. Some players (eg. the Game Launcher Player) record at the same time as playing the game, so if you use the laptop with built-in recording capabilities, remember to turn off the game’s built-in recording after recording.

Note: Not all YouTube videos can be recorded with the built-in recording (eg. YouTube music videos don’t play), especially video of games that aren’t available on mobile devices.

What is the difference between video recording and audio recording?

Video recording works by recording the video stream in real-time, while audio recording is a computer-based process that compresses and splits the audio stream into individual frames. While some devices (eg. some devices that support MP3) record while playing music, a good rule of thumb is to record at least part of your YouTube video and use that as the basis for your stereo audio mix. The amount of audio that will be compressed depends on how long you want to record for, which is how long your audio (and the stereo mix) needs to take to be produced.

Can I record audio while playing on mobile devices?

Using sound software and other methods, you can make music recordings while playing on mobile devices. (See Recording Apps for more information.) This is especially useful for recording music during long gameplay sessions where playing for the entire duration of one song may not be possible.

What about audio on PC?

You can still record audio with the built-in recording when playing a PC game, even though you can’t use recorded music to mix with playing music. The audio is also encoded to the same format as recorded music, which means you won’t have the same problem with audio problems when playing with music while playing a game. (For more information, see Recording PC Games, Recording Voice and Audio with Codecs, Recording Video With Hardware V-Sync.)

Will the microphone pick up background sounds?

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