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In addition to increasing your visual precision, aim for better composition and composition accuracy. I’ve worked with a few pros who were so confident and so good that they had the discipline and discipline to know how to make the difference in an otherwise easy clip. What you can see in those clips is more of a natural feel, a more natural feel of what you’re shooting. When you get the rhythm right, you can get the eye to take in a shot. You can shoot the scene and it’ll just stand there. When you get the movement right, a shot will come out much smoother. And when you get this right, everything else just falls into place. The trick is to get the camera and camera operator doing the movement at the same time.

What’s your favorite shot you’ve taken recently?

I was shooting for the first time with a Canon 5D Mark II, which you can see on the video for the “Stalking Wolf”. I was shooting on a tripod about a hundred feet off the ground, and had to shoot it from the outside, so I wasn’t able to show it as a still life to the crowd. But the final shot looked like this:

What are you most proud of that you’ve shot or filmed?

This is a tough one. I’m kind of biased toward this one, because it’s been so rewarding to work with, be able to share that with people. It’s been great being allowed to explore other types of subjects, shooting people, the environment, people who don’t necessarily agree with me being in their world. It wasn’t so hard to let go and go out and play. But I’m really proud of the stuff I’ve shot on the beach, just in general as a film-making tool. As far as my favorite film is, I don’t have one, that’s too hard for me to answer. I did one documentary, I did one documentary and a bunch of short films. I feel like I do pretty good on most of them. I’m getting started on a bunch of films!

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Freetail is the easiest Python script you will encounter in the “Python” or “other” part of your OS’s documentation. This post aims to cover not just how to use Freetail, but explain the entire process you will have when developing, deploying, or running your code, which I assume will be in python.

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