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Do you know whether this character is a cat or a dog?

Find out by following these simple guidelines:

You can use most of these characters in any order you like, but don’t use them all in the same sentence or you will end up confusing listeners.

The following characters are not allowed in your transcript if this is the first time your transcript is submitted.

You can submit multiple submissions.

You must include the title of the character you are submitting with every piece you submit. The title can be one word or, for special characters, be a title. Make sure your title is obvious.

Do you know the pronunciation of the character you are submitting? If you do, provide the character’s name and position relative to the text of the transcript.

You can use non-alphanumeric characters where required.

You can use quotation marks to represent pronouns: ‘we’, ‘they’, ‘you’ and ‘their’.

You can write in your name where appropriate.

If it fits into the paragraph, then you can write what you want to say. If you don’t want to, don’t put your name next to the character or don’t make it more than one word. You may need to provide an explanation, such as, “I’m trying to explain…” or “I want to mention…”

You can’t use any punctuation other than periods and full stops. Other punctuation (such as semicolons, question marks or exclamation marks) are not allowed in your transcript.

How to find your words

You will need to know the pronunciation of every character (except the pronouns you’re submitting) because they may be in different languages, so you have to be able to translate your words in the future. It’s OK if you forget one of the characters or their pronunciation.

The following are the character and pronoun pronunciations for the following characters in your transcript:

You also need to know the character’s gender, given their place in the sentence and their role in the story. So, if the character is a male, then you need to know if they are a protagonist or are just another character.

You may not need any of these information in future if you’re writing a text for children, but you will still need to keep them in mind for use when you write for adults.

If a verb form is missing or a noun form is missing, fill in the

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