Is BTS A HIP HOP? – At What Level Does Starmie Learn Rapid Spin Bulbapedia Lucario

“If you’re into H*P *HOP *O*S*, you’re gonna love T-A-T-H-W, ’cause they ain’t messing around.

There’s gonna be some good H*PE *HUNT!* going on.”

I had an opportunity to have just one beer that my wife and I had the pleasure of sampling at this year’s New York Beer Week in the tasting room. A fantastic pint of an American-made brew called Oatmeal Sauterne. It was an amazing session beer.

What’s even better about Oatmeal Sauterne is that it was not just a great session beer. It was very well blended, very flavorful, and very drinkable as an all-day, every-day beer. It’s a refreshing, delicious beer with a light hop bitterness and a clean citrus aroma. I thought that I could drink this beer all day long. I drank some it before noon today, and then after dinner, and at 4pm, I couldn’t wait to get home to finish it.

After I wrote about this beer last week (link), it got a ton of attention because it was not an American-made beer. Instead, it was a collaboration between Oskar Blues Brewing Company and New York State. I figured that they might not give it away in the tasting room, so I was pretty excited. They gave me the recipe, and I learned that it’s a New York beer brewed using the same yeast used in their other brews that are called Hopheads.

Oatmeal Sauterne is 6% ABV and I have the recipe below. It’s an old school American-inspired IPA that has a malty, malty, tropical, hoppy, biscuity flavor. It had a nice aroma that I couldn’t really pick up in the aroma test, but tasted pretty clean and refreshing.

I was definitely happy with this beer, and can’t wait to try it again. I’ve already drank a little of it and I can’t wait to taste more.

The Beer

OG=1.0293 FG=1.002 ABV=6% ABV- Hopheads Collaboration


2.5 oz. pale malt (5.4%)

1/4 oz. crystal malt (25.4%)

0.5 oz. crystal malt (25.4%)

0.5 oz toasted wheat malt

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