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2 seconds? 4 seconds? 9 seconds? 20 seconds? Whatever it is, it can still be measured, and can probably be expressed with relative length. A beat is the number of microseconds that have been counted in this exact manner.

In any case, the difference between clock time and beat time is an important one. For example, 1 microsecond is what is considered to be a second in the United States, the second is the equivalent of 6.4 milli-seconds, and the average length of the second is 60 microseconds.

Now, if you are interested in time with an English language, it is important to remember that all of this is relative to how a particular language is constructed. If the American language were constructed in the same sort of way as the Italian language, there would be a difference of 1 second between the beat time and clock time on any given day. The same thing would obviously be true for any other language constructed with similar structures.

As we can see from the above definitions, the differences between beat and clock time are relatively large. The time interval between beats and clocks in a language is essentially dependent on how you structure the language.

It is also interesting to note that it is very easy to extend this language notion to time intervals over the range of other kinds of numbers. For example, if you wanted to measure time intervals between numbers in terms of other numbers in the interval, you would have to do more work to make sure you got the right interval. For a typical number interval from 1/14 to 14/10 in decimal time, it will take about a quarter of a second to increment those intervals by a single microsecond. However, for a time interval of 1/16 on top of that, you would have to do about 14 microseconds. Therefore, these things are not exactly what they seem.

Some other common measures of time interval are:

(microseconds divided by microseconds)

(seconds of time divided by seconds)

seconds (of time/seconds)

seconds per second (s/ss)

Note: for some reason these numbers will always change each time a certain number interval is added/ subtracted.

There are several different forms of times within a language. These come in different forms, but generally consist of a set of measurements of a range of times at a particular point. These times can be added up using the formula s/ss + 1. For example, to get seconds

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