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What rhymes with I?

I wonder … am I like a tree or a person? – I’ve asked the question.

[A tree]

But not one tree that’s as large as a city or any of the surrounding cities and suburbs. One’s just a small, thin patch of wood, and like I said:

A branch of a tree is just a little pebble that you hit against.

If you’re a person, you’re a lump of flesh like a big lump of bone.

But a man is a little tree like a big tree.

So it goes on into our history. If you know anything about the story of humans and trees, that’s the truth.

But … if you want to hear the truth, ask the question; ask the question:

[The tree]

Do the birds love it?

They do.

Is it an ornament that is on top of a bird’s nest or on a bird’s head?

No, it doesn’t belong to a bird. I don’t know, I didn’t ask the question.

But birds do like to nest it inside their nests or in a tree.

Well, if it’s like that and the birds live inside like that … they don’t call it an ornament. I’ll tell you, I don’t think birds call it an ornament. The best I can come up with is maybe “wicked thing,” but probably that’s enough.

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You want me to tell you the truth about the way birds live?

Well, they’re pretty stupid creatures. Even if their feathers are nice and fine, they don’t understand anything at all other than what they’re learning and feeling and … what they’re doing. If you ask the question, “Do birds like it?” they’ll laugh because they know that’s a silly question and that’s the truth.

[Wise man]

It will be very easy for me to find another reason than the fact that the tree on the top of my head might be a thing? I’m not so stupid as to need a reason to say that the question is silly and useless.

But if it’s the fact that they call it an ornament and that I have to find the reason for doing this … then I’ll ask the question:

[The bird]

So would people like to take their feathers off, if it

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