How do you properly rap? – Rock N Learn Dinosaur – Raptors \/ Stand Together

Here’s a guide that I put together for you:

1. Know the lyrics

2. Know what you want to rap about (i.e. “We’re in a gangsta mood” = “I go to gangstas”)

3. Rap about a real thing you’re trying to say

4. Make it interesting!

This method works well when you’re rapng about a song that has never been described in rap. For example: “We are in a gangsta mood” by Snoop Dogg.

In fact, this method should work very well if you are trying to describe something that hasn’t been described before (think the Beatles, or something similar).

5. Know the lyrics of all the songs that make up your rap (i.e. “We are in a gangsta mood” = “The Beatles are on top of the world” is more than a thousand words)

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6. Read every possible lyric out loud – you’ll come across plenty of words that rhyme (and you can listen to everything you rap about on repeat if you wish)

7. Get an autocorrect function and use that to type in the actual words

8. Practice rhyming words

This works really well if you’re trying to rap a song that has been written by someone else. When you rap “We are in a gangsta mood” you will be rhyming words. You’ll also become a better rapper if you think about how you could make the song better.

9. Get a copy of “The Rap Book of Everything” by Bill Collins. This book has over 500 pages of words with definitions.

It’s hard to think of these lyrics in rap right away. You have to read through the verses and find one that fits, but once you have it in your head you can rap it like you were talking about your day or your girl. I know it’s easy to rap in a hurry and forget how to rhyme, but this will make your verses much more enjoyable.

10. Use the Autocorrect function.

This works even better if you find that you’re forgetting words in between rap lines.

11. Be funny (if you can do that). Make it rhyming words.

12. Use the beat when rapping.

If you think you have the whole thing memorized, get out there and rap. I promise it will

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