Who is the hardest rapper? – How To Learn Rap God Fast Part Easybib Bibliography

-What’s the best song about me?

-Does anyone know who’s doing the greatest art?

-What’s my motto?

-What’s my secret about life?

-What do the people I’ve met hate the most in my life?

-What’s the one thing my ex hates?

-What’s the worst thing someone I’ve met did to me?

-What’s my favorite thing about my job?

-What would I like to do if I didn’t work?

-What does a good friend look like?

-What’s my favorite thing about my family?

-Could I have a relationship with the woman who is currently my manager?

Interviewer: (In Japanese) Okay so you’re gonna tell us about yourself?

-Why do I like playing music?

-What makes my heart sing so strongly?

-What’s the hardest thing I have to do?

-Tell me about your life at the moment, I wanna know your past.

-How do you feel about yourself now?

-How would my friends think about me if I told them?

-When I had a friend I really liked, how would they react to me?

-What if you met someone you really liked?

-Where would you be now if you were the person who met his/her heart?

-What do you think about when people talk about me?

-Are you happy doing this?

-Who wants to be your boyfriend?

-Do you ever think about becoming famous?

-Is there anything you wish to say to a fan?

-What do you want to be when you grow up?

-Who are you most like?

I hope you enjoy this interview. I really enjoyed reading these answers.

I’ve read up and down the questions you asked. The questions you asked were very interesting, very insightful. I had a feeling that you had a lot to say. However, I do not want to spoil it. However, I will say that you’re going to see a great interview. Enjoy, and good luck in the future!!



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