What rapper has Lil first? – Rock N Learn Division Rap Dailymotion Videos

-Who have you most liked/disliked/shouted at during rap battles?

-Who are your favourite artists?

-Who do you think “looks like” to the world today

Favorite artist?

-What is your personal favorite/least favorite/most hated person(s) in the rap world?

-Which rapper/group would you name if you didn’t have no problem with the concept?

-What rapper has the most “interesting” story?

-Who is the first artist people look at that reminds them of a friend, family member, parent

Favorite artist?

-What is that one song you still can’t put down because it will always be the one you listen to the most?

-What music style do you listen to when you are done?

-Who do you think does the best job with the production?

Favorite artist?

-Who’s your favorite band?

-When/how did you start getting the internet?

Favorite artist?

-Describe the moment that would make your heart sing.

-How and when did you start singing?

Favorite album?

-Can you share a secret about the production on a record?

-When were you the rapper?

-What’s the strangest thing you’ve been asked to do by an audience/lack of a rap name?

-What’s your favorite book?

-What is your favorite song that hasn’t been released?

Favorite artist?

-What song would you do if you went to a party/drinking hall/club?

-What song/artist created the world’s most infamous scene/scene/narrative?

-What is the hardest song you can’t live without?

Favorite song?

-Who taught you the most?

-What rapper were you listening to in high school?

-What’s your dream gig/job or a project you would like to do?

-What was your first rap/rap song/song title?

Favorite artist?

-What was the most surreal/outdoors/sunny/sophisticated thing you did in 2012?

-If you had a superpower/power/talent, what would it be?

-Why did you want to be a rapper?

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