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Dizaster: I guess it has something to do with that name.

Ezra Day: Oh yeah, like my grandfather said, ‘It’s a good name’

Barry White: That was crazy shit.

Dizaster: I don’t know, I never really had a clue what I was doing. He had me down by the name of ‘Dizaster.’ It’s a pretty cool one.

Ezra Day: That’s a really cool one.

Barry White: Yeah, ‘Dizaster.’ Like, as a kid it was just called Dizaster.

Dizaster: (laughs)”

Ezra Day: Was it in the song? Was it on the record?

Dizaster: Yeah, it was on the record.

Ezra Day: You also went through a bad time. Was that it for you?

Dizaster: Nah, no. I was in the studio recording one day when one of my friends, I believe he was a good friend, was in the studio. We were sitting at one end and playing some music. He heard something I wrote called ‘Sparks.’

Ezra Day: I think that was on the record

Dizaster: Yeah, no but that’s on the record, we were all doing it at the time. I remember thinking, ‘What a shit. That’s a fucking great lyric.’ I wrote an idea at the beginning of it and it didn’t go past the first verse, but I was like, ‘I’ll write another verse and try it.’ I went into the booth and said ‘okay, let’s see what I can come up with and I’ll come up with a few different ideas.’ The next thing I know I’m writing this verse and it’s crazy. I’m trying to think of a better concept or just something to do with the phrase, ‘scissors’ and I keep saying to myself like ‘Dizaster!’ It was one of those things where everything just started coming together. So I wrote ‘Ragamuffin’ in the middle of the song, then I tried to write another line in the middle and I didn’t really get it to work on the record and got it to sound a little weird. Then, one night after I’m finished writing, as I’m writing the song, I look over and there

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