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– (No, really… You can’t ask him.) – But I don’t remember the name. Why did you try to kill him? – Who do you think was in that movie? – I don’t know it
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– When a person has an obsession with something, people like to think they’re the only ones who’re obsessed with it and that all those people who are really in the know about the world and happen to know and care about the thing are crazy and just go on and on trying to get it for themselves. – The fact that a lot of people don’t want to take things seriously and don’t want to engage with other people is part of what creates the monster. A lot of people, their minds are too busy to ever take it seriously. – Are you talking about yourself? – I’ve always felt like what I’m saying is kind of true: that is when you take a big group of people who are all acting the same way, and put them together in a huge room to do something, that’s when you get the monster. They’re going to be at each other the entire way to get there to get anything. – If an entity makes a mistake, it’s a real mistake. I have no problem with that, and there are lots of mistakes. But an entity is the product of its own design. They didn’t go to the same school, they can’t all be doctors, they can’t all have been born again. They might start out as some sort of super-intelligent being by accident, but they didn’t go there to be super intelligent. – If I get a letter from someone who doesn’t believe in me and doesn’t think I’m a good guy, I want to go get that letter, and tell them I don’t believe in them. But if that’s all it takes to try to keep someone believing in you, the monster is going to grow. – Did you ever imagine that you’d find yourself in a position where you could write songs called “Monster.” – If I said “yes,” they might try to convince me that my song is a monster and it’s supposed to be about the monsters, and the things they’re all afraid of. – I don’t think the world is full of monsters, and I don’t want to go to the trouble of believing that it is. I was just talking about the other thing I mentioned earlier, the idea that you have to become someone in a different world and a whole new society before it goes away

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