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It is an abbreviation for the slang definition of “16 years old”. This definition is basically the same as what people typically use on their websites, though it is usually shortened, so as to avoid the confusion with “twenty-two” instead of “twenty one”.

So…what exactly is a 16 in rap?

Well, if you haven’t noticed when you go to most street corners in any city or town of America, you would find many youngsters wearing a pair of sunglasses, sunglasses of the usual kind used in the “mobiles” to block out any flash of the bright light of a road or sidewalk to allow you to get a full look at the “younger” crowd that is about to arrive and their attire. You will hear many of those youngsters singing a song or two about how they have just “dressed up” for the “teen-age” crowd by putting on some “tattoos”” or some other type of decoration on their bodies. In this way, they are hoping you miss the irony of them trying to make you wonder if they actually “look” like teenagers.

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However, you have come to the right place to see these youngsters in their full glory. You are about to witness one group of youngsters and a second group performing an act together called “b-ball”.

Some words to describe this activity include “B-ball” (“Ball”) and “B-boy” (“Boy”) or “B-girls” (“Girl”)

The activity known as “B-ball” can be very challenging to watch due to the high number of people involved. Sometimes, if you can’t see the people in the background of the picture, it can be difficult to know which of the group actually has a “ball”.

This activity can get very competitive when it goes on outside the “street corner” in most large cities, and you will often see the same crowd of teenagers, even if they are wearing different uniforms. There will often also be some kids around the same age as the teenagers who are performing the act. These youngsters are usually in the front row, while the adults have their backs turned to the scene.

The following is the basic script:

“B-BOOOOO B-BOOOOOO B-BOOOOOO B-BOOOOO B-BOO B-BOOM” (For all the B’s in the lyrics, use numbers 1-25 in parentheses)

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