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Citing an imminent threat to his life, San Diego County sheriff’s deputies used tear gas grenades against a group of protesters over the weekend, killing one, injuring dozens and making at least five people homeless, among other things, according to media reports.

No one, it must be remembered, has yet said that the sheriff’s deputies acted illegally if their actions were unprovoked. Even if one of the deputies were charged with murder, they would face a stiff sentence even though, under U.S. law, no one can be charged with murder even if he or she is acting in self-defense, and the U.S. Attorneys must weigh the potential charges against the alleged victim in deciding whether to pursue federal charges, such as murder.

Yet if the Sheriff’s Office had acted lawfully, one of those injured during the protest might have been saved without injury or death to others.

A few hours earlier yesterday, a demonstrator named Michael Lee, who had been arrested hours earlier, was beaten to death by deputies while being led into a van after allegedly threatening his life while protesting near downtown San Diego at the U.S. Army base in Yuma. Lee was one of the last of the four victims to die in the violent protest; all other victims have died in police custody. Lee’s body was later found on the highway not far from the U.S. Army base in Yuma.

Lee had been arrested for failing to obey San Diego County sheriffs deputies who had attempted to remove the protester from the base parking lot. Lee reportedly asked for a friend, saying he would not stand idly by as deputies beat him unconscious, before he was arrested.

Deputies had followed him from other places and were called to the parking lot after finding Lee had failed to comply with their orders.

According to San Diego Sheriff’s Department (SDSD) Chief Deputy Paul Rose, one of Lee’s attorneys, Rose was told that his client was a “non-violent” protester, yet his injuries had a “mental toll,” a fact that might be relevant to this case.

Citing “a possible threat to his life,” the San Diego County Sheriff’s Office dispatched deputies to the protest, saying they wanted to talk to Lee.

According to the sheriff’s office press release, as soon as deputies arrived they moved behind and around the crowd until “they

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