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“Ogre” is a slang for “a fat or fatty person. This is a term of endearment, and is not derogatory.” (Source: Dictionary of American Usage. ) Some may remember that the term “OG” was coined by Dr. Galt and also used to identify a large, obese human being. For those who doubt that this is a real word, you can check out the official American Heritage Dictionary Of Quotations website to find out.

In short, this definition is based on research by Dr. Gary Taubes, Professor of Nutrition and Food Science at New York University Medical Center. Although the phrase is often used as a term of endearment in the media, the definition above doesn’t consider or give due value to the use of this term for its potential harmfulness to the health of the patient. This definition is not intended as an endorsement of the use of this definition. The term OG may be used to suggest anything that a patient in an obese or overweight condition might look like.

The word “fat” doesn’t carry enough negative connotations to warrant it as a term of endearment, according to Dr. Taubes. If you are a doctor or health care provider, and your patients in an obese or overweight condition appear to be uncomfortable, perhaps you might want to consider using medical terminology to inform the patient of how they might be contributing to their health in terms of their weight.

This blog was written by Dr. Gary Blum, licensed dietician with a focus on healthy eating, weight loss and health.

Dr. Taubes blogs at The Gluten Free Diet. Dr. Taubes has published the book The Case Against Sugar, which can be purchased here. I have also featured his books, Weight Watchers and Primal Blueprint, here.

A new study has found that children under 10 could have suffered up to 30 years of cognitive impairment, according to the researchers who studied them.

In one trial the researchers found that a woman who had a baby within three months of giving birth, suffered symptoms of postnatal depression and mental decline, compared to a control group who did not have a baby for an average of 13 years.

The researchers, from Imperial College London and the University of York, say a variety of causes may have contributed to the study, which was reviewed by the Lancet, also published in the Lancet last year.

Travis Alexander, the 28-year-old man charged Tuesday in the shooting death of two Las

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