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How many bars are there of R&B in rap? How about a number of Latin bars? What about a number of Americana?” “You are the only music professor who I’ve heard of who is able to provide a coherent answer to this question! I am so proud of you!”

What kind of music is in the album?

What kind of music is not on the album?

What kind of music is in the playlist?

Where is Hip Hop in your state of mind?

Are you able to talk about some of your influences?

What are your thoughts about Hip Hop and black music in general?

When I was first exposed to hip hop in the late 80-early 90’s, I was fascinated by its use of music with a certain emotional content and my interest in music grew steadily. There is no genre that has such a wide spectrum of music styles, or so many different approaches to music. There are many different ways of listening to music and I can never listen to one style of music enough to form an opinion about it. This is partly because one style might be very similar to another, but also because one style can be a very difficult musical form to understand. Some genres can be very well defined in words, while others can be very difficult to articulate in music. Hip Hop is the only music genre that can have many approaches, even though there is a basic outline that all music does.

What does Hip Hop mean to you?

“Hip Hop is a large movement that began around the end of the 1970’s that is based on various styles of music and music forms that have been around for decades. While all of these styles are popular in different places, they all have different forms of expression. As the movement has grown as a genre, its appeal has extended to the youth of America. As such, it has been a powerful force in the development of Hip Hop.” “Rap is not just any music. That type of music originated in Memphis, Tennessee, but it has spread out across America today.

Rap has been used by young people in America for decades to express their feelings about the everyday struggles that their peers go through, as well as the problems in their own lives. Rap is a form of music that has an immediate impact on the audience that is listening. In the beginning, this music was primarily used as a means of entertainment, but as the movement grew and more artists came out with original tunes based off of it,

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