How fast can Suga Rap per second? – Learn To Be Rap God Fast Part Slowed And Reverb

I believe he could do that very fast in his younger days, but then, with the age, I would guess it’s probably slower, but the fact that he has his own unique style of training, and the time it takes for those things to happen is very important. We just had a training program where he used to train in the mornings before his training and the evening afterwards. He trained 6-8 hours everyday. And, I think that’s what got him going, from very young age. As he gets older, I guess, to have that type of training at night, just for himself, was not something he would’ve ever had the ability to do, or the time or effort to develop. That’s where he gets that.

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RZA: When you started out, you were a very athletic young man. Did you grow or didn’t you grow into a man over the years?

Cobra: No, because I just didn’t want to grow. I didn’t want to grow out of that, at all. I felt like I was very talented, but what I felt was so deep in the heart of me, there was nothing I wanted to do more. So I just sat around and I just sat in front of the TV, and I could feel myself kind of getting bigger and bigger. I would wake up in the morning, and it would get to the point where, “Ah, I could do this.” And when I say, “I could do this,” is just the truth. I was doing some crazy stunts, jumping out of a helicopter, throwing myself from this moving car… I just never wanted to stop. It’s a lot stronger than I ever thought, really, to push yourself. I never wanted to stop. I wanted to push myself to the limit. I wasn’t even thinking about being a rapper, I just wanted to do this. I wasn’t even thinking about, “I’m going to get into the game and make some money, then what?” If I was gonna be rapper, I’d be getting all that money already. I’m not just going to be doing it, but I’m already doing it. I can already feel myself growing. And I feel like, “I can push it. I can do it.” I could really feel myself grow, physically. I can feel myself grow emotionally, as well. I always wanted to do something that would push me to the top, and push me to the next level. So, just being able

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