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Can it be? If so, what is it? It is a tool, a way of expressing the power of words to create your world. The problem is that it is too often used primarily by those with control over the medium and it is used as an instrument for those who have none of that power. The result is a sort of “I told you so” where everyone is using what the other person wants for their own purposes, and this means that both sides start out in what appears to be a very clear and clear-cut position of superiority but this in itself becomes a big part of the problem because it gives one side an excuse to get their way and this is the same thing that happened in Ferguson and in Paris in December 2015 when police started shooting people in the streets.

But what happens when we lose that? In that moment where we’re trying to build a world of free expression where there is freedom of expression for all people, we lose something that is important.

The fight for free expression is not about the suppression or dismissal of words but rather a fight about how we can create an environment that encourages that expression and where it can continue to flourish. Without this free exchange of ideas and ideas being allowed, what is there for us to build on? What is there for us to work on? What are we going to do with our lives? The same thing that happened in Paris – when we lost the space that allowed us to make a different world – was happening in Ferguson as well. So the fight for free expression is not about the suppression. It’s about how we use words so that we can still get what we want, that we can still communicate and work together with others.

On what level does what you’ve tried to argue be understood as a struggle against power?
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It’s true that there are many forms of racism and sexism, and when we think about the social structures that have given rise to each of these we have to ask ourselves what role does such things play in this system? For instance, what role do our bosses play in all of this? Or can it be the other way around? How do white supremacists use the system? How do other racists and fascists use this system? That’s what I’m interested in, what the social structure behind all of this plays in the system at large, and therefore how we might dismantle those structures – which is why there are so many anarchists in Ferguson.

There is also the reality that most of us are people of color with

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