What is MC in rap? – Rock N Learn Addition Rap Cds

MC is a abbreviation of “multi-cinematic” as many rap videos have multiple cameras. The MC will play a video (sometimes one camera, sometimes several cameras), while the rapper plays their own video or a different video than the others. The MC will then use the MC spotlights to highlight different scenes within the video and have that video play during the MC’s video.

There are many ways MCs work but they always work with a DJ during the video as well.

How do MC’s help us?

MC’s are often the best thing to happen to rap videos when their presence adds depth and character to the music (they can really add some much needed emotion).

Some MC’s also have a special affinity for playing an entire song while another MC plays a part of the song. Some MC’s also have a big group of friends that they can help out in a pinch, but MC’s are usually not the best option for this because of the time it takes to record the video in the first place but the MC is able to work with those friends to get the final product produced.

MC’s can sometimes give you a little something extra.

When you want to be added to the list below, please make sure you read every page and put everything into consideration while making your application.

What is the best approach if I want to record my own rap video?

If you are not willing to put in the effort by recording your own music then there are other video tutorials and resources that could be beneficial for you. Here is a helpful guide to assist you in making your own video:

The Official MC Tutorial Manual (click link to read how to do a MC tutorial).

YouTube MC Tutorials (click link to download a list of YouTube MC tutorials):

Are there some video tutorials I can’t even see, or videos I just get too many different questions about?

Yes, there are some videos and videos that cannot be watched, especially videos with an overly aggressive MC, that you would not want to see or play. You can easily make an edit to have it viewable.

I’m really excited about my MC idea, how can I tell if I’m getting a good fit?

Look for a MC that you like, or if it is a simple edit that you can easily add to your own video, you have found what you are looking for.

I am interested in the MC’s approach

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