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MC, an MC and a rapper are two of the most common names on a rapper’s resume as a rhyme scheme. A rapper starts by saying a word or a word combination. A MC who is able to rhyme his/her sentences in three or more words is usually considered to be a serious and capable MC. For example, “The shit is all on me MC, I don’t want to hear any muthafucker talking about the ‘f’ word. Get the fuck out of my neighborhood if you know what I mean.” MC is also generally considered a good description for rap music.

The difference between hip-hop and MC, or hip-hop MCs, comes from the fact that the latter has a tendency to focus on rhyme over musicality. The term MC is now quite popular in hip-hop and many rappers still try and rhyme their sentences with the word, “f” or “fuck.” This usage leads to much debate as far as the use of the word “f” or “fuck” is concerned. The main concern is the possible meanings or consequences of the word that is being used, but the term MC is also sometimes applied to rappers who may have an odd rhyming tendency that is not appropriate as a rhyming scheme, particularly “rapper’s rappers” who may also be an example of “MC.” It is impossible to definitively establish what “MC” really is. This is especially true of hip-hop MCs. For example, Lil Wayne (one MC) frequently uses the word “f” to rhyme his sentences. This is not very good, but it is at least somewhat acceptable in an acceptable form of rap that may be used to refer to hip-hop MCs. Other rappers use the word “f” to rhyme sentences that have little meaning.

Some rappers, though, don’t use the term. They are “farting MCs” and do not rhyme their sentences in three or more words. In the rap world, “MC” is generally associated with those who can rhyme in many different ways.

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