How old is the oldest rapper? – Learn To Be Rap God Fast Part Practice Examples

I can tell you that I wasn’t in the Wu-Tang Clan until I was 17. We only started using it when I was 18. We had the one-year rule in the beginning; if you had been in the Wu-Tang Clan for one year, you could keep on going. So a lot of our members – I think in all our different locations – was in the first years when it became a thing. We’ve been able to take our fans through those years. It’s a great thing from a creative point of view, when you can create something over time.

When they started playing their raps on a bus, people were like, “Ah-ha! You’re the first one, let’s do this. This is amazing!” And that’s what’s so cool about creating music. It comes with time. I mean, I’m like [laughs] – I was doing it [on the bus] on and off, just to come up with new beats all the time. And people are now able to see that these songs were made over years. And that’s really cool. You can see your work from the beginning – if you’re talented enough – by being really good in the past.

You just started work with Snoop Dogg last year.

Snoop is such a great artist. I’ve been doing something like this with Snoop Dogg for a little while now. He likes my voice and he likes my beats. He has a lot on hold until he is done writing verses for his album and stuff. He just said, “Hey, you’re the guy I want to collaborate with. Can you do a few beats?” We started doing stuff – Snoop is great at taking songs and giving them a whole new feel or a whole new style. All he needs to do is play them and he gets it. So that was really exciting. We went on tour with him and I just really enjoyed working with him.

What is the future for Young Thug in terms of the music?

I’m currently writing and thinking about new music. I want to take the Wu-Tang Clan’s influence to the next level, so it would be really cool to take what they did and use it into other projects. I also feel like Young Thug is starting to get more talented. I’ve seen him grow in the past year or two. I think it would be fantastic to see that kind of growth on his music. And the whole

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