Who’s the best white rapper? – Nle Choppa Type Of Beats To Learn Rapping Grandma Poem

Why, that’s easy — you guys voted for it. So here, I think we’re going to break it down by genre.

You can choose the top five, which were voted for by you guys. You can go back up again and vote for more from every category up to the number of best rap songs in the universe.

Now, first, I’d like to announce which white rapper is going to win, and how you guys voted. You have the option to vote for Eminem, and then I need you to choose. So, Eminem is going to win the white rapper spot.

And here’s a little breakdown:

Em, because of his rap chops (and the fact that he’s white), Eminem is going to break the record for most white rappers. He’s going to also have the most wins, which isn’t too shabby either. So, go ahead and vote for Eminem.

Next, here are the results. So, that’s the Eminem category, where Eminem will take home the biggest award. The Eminem is a little more of a straight-up beat and flow kind of rapper — and he has a really great song — he’s got the best record in his category and he’ll take home the biggest trophy. You can’t really fault him here.

Now up below, Eminem’s next category, which for the most part, you have decided that he has a huge voice. It’s the most-voted category that doesn’t have any categories, and that’s going to go to Kendrick.

Kendrick has the best album of the year so far — that’s the Kendrick category, of course, and he’s been winning awards everywhere. If there’s one issue with Kendrick’s victory, it’s in some of the more controversial tracks. He goes into some pretty bad beats in his songs. But if you’re really looking for controversy, I don’t think he’s gonna beat Eminem here. It’s pretty polarizing.

This is going to be a close race, if that’s any consolation. The biggest song of the decade, “Lust For Life” was pretty popular. He also has an impressive run of guest spots over the years — “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” “Untitled (Fifty Shades Darker)” — that has led to some incredible collaborations.

So, he’ll take home the biggest trophy as well.

So, you really have to vote for Eminem. So do it! Voting for Kendrick

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