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For the record, that’s about 5 ounces of marijuana. I’m not trying to get back at those who make the mistake – just explaining why you should never do any more than you have to because the damage these drugs do is far-reaching and irreparable. They are no safer than the day they come in, but it has made it easier to buy legal marijuana, and many of us don’t even realize what it’s like when those drugs are at the store.

Is it not the responsibility of the growers and sellers to know what they’re taking? They can certainly sell it as they please – it’s not like anyone who sells to a dealer has any clue what they’ve been putting in their body. Why would anyone sell, even inadvertently, anything that is hazardous?

The answer is, of course, that they’re not allowed to sell marijuana to someone who is under the influence of it. But, in the interest of a healthy consumer, I think most consumers are prepared to deal with that risk – especially if they get to the store or smoke in their home when they know they will be there to get the product.

So what happens if it goes bad? What if one drinks too much or smokes too much before having that experience?

Here’s where a lot of marijuana advocates get mired in the wrong issues. The problem with THC is not that it’s harmful – it’s that it binds to the alcohol receptors in your system and makes it feel even more intoxicating than it actually is. You can’t take it and be perfectly sober, so it’s essentially foolproof from the get-go. It also interferes with any other chemicals or foods that could be present in the alcohol. I can’t make you stop drinking coffee with a glass of wine because there are other chemicals that can have an effect if you eat too much (not every coffee drinker eats wine).

And as for smoking, yes, smoking marijuana will definitely have that effect on the blood alcohol level, but that’s only a problem if you smoke cigarettes during those hours after consuming alcohol (which most do). The effect is similar to how you smoke a cigarette without inhaling. Just because a person smokes a cigarette does not mean that they are more impaired than someone who takes another cigarette or doesn’t have an alcoholic beverage as their only beverage. This is true especially if you smoke pot before being in trouble and not immediately afterwards (when THC gets absorbed back into the brain). In other words, the risk is not

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