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The reason? Why are hip-hop songs called rap? The whole premise was to give the artist a sense of identity. You get to take the lyrics back and use some rhyming or rhythms that are familiar to you. By borrowing words and using them in a different way that you would use if you just listened to any other hip-hop artist, you give the listener a feeling of familiarity that makes the song more personal to them, and gives more authenticity.

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Do you think about what you are putting down when you are writing?

You have different elements at different points of your songwriting process. Some songs are more descriptive than they are musically. Other songs are very introspective, while others are very analytical. On the other end, you are writing about the situation at the time you are writing this song.

How do you like writing down? Is it repetitive?

I do write down, but I think it’s very different from writing a song. This is another thing that really bothers me about writing: when you read a song, you really don’t know how the song is going to turn out. You need a lot of luck and preparation to make the song work that way. It doesn’t take a lot of time to write a song, but the process is very different than when it comes to writing a lyric.

When you take the notes to write these songs, that’s when the song takes off. You feel very creative. You start to feel like you are pushing yourself to produce songs. In the recording studio you feel like: “Oh, shit. Do these sound good? Do it again.” This is when you get into the studio; you start with more confidence and it opens up the whole process.

That’s why I like writing on the computer. I think it is easier because you have more control; you can have a lot more fun. It isn’t just that the lyric is harder to write but because the music is much easier to produce, so you can concentrate on that.

Sometimes I like writing music in a way that I can actually put it down. I like creating these short little chunks of songs and then going back and putting it down again. It’s a different way because the music is just so much better.

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