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We hope that you appreciate the uniqueness of each of these OGs because we really feel they are a “goody two-shoes” for any kind of DIY experience or art project! They are extremely inexpensive to make, and require very little skill to learn. These are an easy-to-follow method to make beautiful or fun DIY art with. This post details all the steps, and the process to make these OG’s!

Step 1 – Paint

For your first project, you will paint the OG’s with a clear acrylic paint. If you don’t want to do DIY paint, feel free to skip this step! (I have a full step by step guide for building your own OGs on my DIY Painting Guide.)

First, we will stain the OG’s with an acrylic sealer like Tamiya clear lacquer. Here is our Tamiya Sealer tutorial where you can learn about the different types of acrylic sealers. When you stain the OGs, try to match the color of the lacquer to the background color of the painted area. This ensures an accurate and beautiful result.

Second, we will apply the clear lacquer under the base of the OG’s. This will ensure that the clear lacquer holds moisture. If you don’t want to add lacquer to your first DIY project, try this DIY technique for making your own acrylic gloss finish on the wall. It is a good way to add moisture to any of the paint on the wall before painting.

Third, we will spray spray some acrylic sealer, which in this case will be a clear coat. If you didn’t spray these after painting the OG’s, you can still add sealer to the base of your OG’s by spray spraying paint directly on your clear acrylic and letting it dry (or spray with a spray gun on the clear acrylic).

Finally, you will wait until the acrylic sealer dries. Then, you will spray some spray paint just behind the OG’s so that the acrylic sealer is not left on. You can also spray more spray paint on top of the clear acrylic if needed.

We will end this step by lightly patting the clear acrylic on the wall with a dry brush and we should now have OG’s that are beautiful, painted on the wall, and ready for future DIY projects.

Step 2 – Use

Now that we have all our parts, and have them painted, we can use them! If you don’t know what any

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