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If your answer is zero, you have a small problem. A bit of a problem. When you’ve already spent an entire day in the middle of nowhere, you are likely to have a hard time remembering where you ended up. What I like to do is to take some “place names” and find the distances between them. Here’s some examples of places in Colorado where you’ll likely find my name (there might be others) in my last name (there might be even others) in the name of another place.

“What’s my name for this little road called “Tripple Road”?

Answer: “Tripple Road”.

“Where is my name from? What’s in the name of “Dorchester”?”

Answer: “Dorchester”.

“Where is my first name from? Can you tell me? ”

Answer: “George”.

“Where in the world is my name in my first name’s last name?”

Answer: “Chicago”.

“Where do you live in the USA?”

Answer: “The USA”.

“Where do you live in Australia?”

Answer: I live in Australia.

There we have it. I hope it helped you.

I do remember where I was in my lifetime but I have no idea where my first name got placed.

I’ve done this to other people so I know it’s not an accident that I got it in my last name. I suspect it might also be a combination of the number and the town in the USA. If you ask someone for their last name, and there are fewer than six digits in it, it’s probably in the same city as their last name. I do remember going back and forth from Chicago, my hometown, to Sydney, Australia and back to Chicago. I didn’t live in Sydney for long, probably about a year.

If people ask me for my first name, I often give the incorrect answers, just like you do.

I don’t think this matters. Nobody is going to find out, and your information is probably safe. It should help you to remember where you were in your lifetime, and to see if you are being asked about something you don’t know.

My question is: how much time does it take to find the same information if someone is in the U.S.? Like, it’s two minutes and twenty seconds to find me. So, if

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