What is MC in rap? – How To Learn Rap God Fast Part Cleaner Tank

Is it a term used synonymously with MC? Is MC slang? And is this slang that is being used by Black dudes?

There are some people that say MC is slang but that doesn’t make it right. I’m sorry MC, but for my life I cannot understand that. Why would a black dude say “MC” when he knows that is what everyone says, including you, MC? You’re an MC in rap so you know that you are.

Where is MC slang?

MC in rap is just a way to express your thought in rhyme, or a way to be creative.

So what is the problem with MC?

The MC in rap is a new way to express our thoughts in rhyme. Nowadays we can say MCs in my niggas words, when I see MCs talking to other MCs, we say mc! (see below) But you’re wrong, MC in rap is just a way to express your thought in rhyme, or a way to be creative. We can say, “Yo MC, you gon rhyme this?” and they say “Yo, I’m about to.”

See the problem? MC is slang in that it can denote anything, a way to be creative, to be hip, to be hip to someone else. It also happens to refer to rappers, who do their thing, have no thoughts on other rappers, who do the same thing. The problem is not MC, it’s the whole rap movement that’s been around for the better part of a century.

The MC in rap culture is a young, immature generation that does not know how to use their tools or their words right. A young MC can have an idea and try to use it, but when it becomes a problem they don’t think about what is hurting their ego, making them look like an idiot, or putting themselves in a position of not being popular.

This is why rap lyrics have become so short. A rapper who was in his teens to 20’s could say 3 words in 15 seconds. The MC in rap is not the same as we used to see, but they are the same age, so they know what they could say.

So MC in rap, is not new, it is just a new way to express yourself. You still have the MC in rap but not for people that talk back to you. It’s the same rap that we use to hear you and we never hear you.

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