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It all depends on your taste. I love to hear about beats in seconds and you can click the link to hear my explanation. I am a fan of “the beat”. The way a beat is felt, the way the beats are played, the way the beats are mixed, is also what makes up a beat.

Is “the beat” an acronym?

No, it is actually a term used for two musical forms; the “natural” rhythm of the human voice and the “rap” or “soul” rhythm of the drum kit. This article uses the term “beat” as a synonym for “rhythm of the voice” and for that reason, does not use “beat” as an acronym. This is why some of my articles have the word “rhythm” without an “x” .

When I started teaching people at least a generation ago, there was a belief amongst the teachers that the main difference between classical and jazz music was the quality of the melody. But “the beat” was not exactly a melody. We were taught the beat was about the rhythm of the voices, but now that is no longer so. The beat is about all the other elements that make up a musical composition. It is the way the songs evolve, it is the way the music was shaped by the different musicians and the different cultures on that particular night and the way that you interpret that. It is important and the quality of the melody is a minor facet. But the heart of it all is the way the sound, or the beat of the voice or the drums is changed, and I think that’s where the whole “rhythm” idea comes from. Now, when I say beat, what I really mean is “harmonics” or “mechanics”. The “beat” is still a little something that you hear, but it will vary from one musical creation to another – depending upon the composer, according how the musical style evolves and on how you react to it.

You refer sometimes to “the beat” as a sort of “form”. Could you describe that in a more specific way?

Well, I think there are many examples in all of literature of forms that are considered to be forms by those who write about them. If something is written about as a form (or the words in a text as forms) of another language, you can expect it to be described in that language, if the writer is fluent, or as a form of (or words

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