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Here are a few answers:

Rap is an extremely fast (over 120,000 BPM) dance rhythm. It is similar to jazz, where a bass line plays at a fast rate and the tempo is quite fast, as is the case for rapping and rapping beats. It is not the greatest tempo in the world, but very efficient for that purpose.

Rap is the most often used (over a 3,400 number) rhythm in a rap song. A beat is not very often repeated. The most common Rap rhythm is 3/4 (the same beats used by many other music styles, as this rhythmic style is a more common rhythm used by the most popular Rap music of all time).

Rap is not only used to describe fast paced music, but also to describe slower paced music like slow Classical (in Europe, Rap is the most prevalent form of Rap).

Rap is much faster than Jazz (both in terms of BPM [1.75=120,000 BPM] and speed ratio [2=0.78*100,000 BPM]), but slower than Slow (both in terms of volume of BPM and ratio of volume of rate of BPM).

Rap is often considered faster than Classical (as it is often faster than Jazz, and Classical beats are slightly faster to beat-make than the popular Rap beats, e.g. the 5/4, 4/4 and 4/4).

Rap uses the same rhythm as traditional instruments (e.g. flutes, lutes, harps, etc.). Many musicians describe Rap as more effective than the Jazz beats in terms of being more fluid, and more able to be done while standing still or on stage, as well as being more “human” on the dance floor.

Rap is also more efficient in terms of usage (for both artist and audience alike). There are no rules about tempo and length for Rap.

Rap is fast (over 120,000 BPM). This means that it doesn’t take the fastest possible steps for rap to be efficient. In fact, it takes more efficient steps for some music to be at a maximum tempo than others; thus, in order to be at a maximum tempo, you need to be as fast and efficient as possible.

Rap has its own style of music in various areas, all of which can be done quickly as a regular beat or speed beat.

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